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About ZR Interiors

"Getting to know my clients is always the first step.  Once I find out what they want, I develop a plan that incorporates all of my client requirements, in ways that are both functional and stylish".

Zora Jovanovic-Rajic

Certified Interior Decorator


Zora Jovanovic-Rajic, is an honours graduate of Mohawk College's Interior Decorating Program, has studied residential, corporate, commercial and hospitality decor..






ZR interiors guides you through a world of beautiful and sophisticated choices and ideas.  We provide you with the knowledge needed to present your home with style, individuality and confidence.  


Through experience, training and creativity, ZR Interiors provides innovative design solutions for each client.   Our philosophy is to provide excellence in quality, ingenuity, and customer care.  By working as a team, we focus on your needs to make the experience an enjoyable one.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and turn your vision into a reality.  From Modern to Traditional, we reflect the individual tastes of our clients. Always unique, innovative and creative.  



ZR Interiors is an active member of the Real Estate Staging Association





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